Who is Jon Marshall?

Why do I write?

Jonathan Marshall is a poet, writer, entrepreneur, and author of children's books. Jonathan has spent the last decade and a half working with youth from various backgrounds, from being a teacher, working in the social work field, and currently advising students at Eastern University, where he studied Early ...

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The Power Of Words

With each story my goal is for children and families to experience laughter, to see themselves in each character, and walk away repeating what they have just read over and over. My books are suitable for children of all ages and filled with images that will make you smile and put you into the mind of a child. 

Why Choose Me?

You can be sure that my love for stories and people go hand in hand. Just like each story is written with thoughtfulness, each lesson, reading, or just conversation is done with the same care. I love the learning process, I love human dynamics, and social interaction, but most of all I love when people see ...

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